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Find, create, grow.

From "ZIPPO" to "liquor", "food" and "miscellaneous goods".

What we deliver is our commitment to "only one".
Our business style continues to change depending on the products we produce, such as unique products and products that cannot be imitated by large companies.
Change is our life.

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"Felistas" is a Latin word that means "happiness", and when the brand owner Dean K launched production in Germany, "I want people who drink this sparkling wine to be full of smiles and happiness. It was named with the wish that
In addition, since ancient times, gold has been a symbol of wealth and happiness for people, and the 24-carat gold leaf is said to attract good luck and make life as gorgeous as gold.

While many sparkling wines have a sweet taste,"
Felistas pursues a dry taste and is skillfully calculated to match any food scene. captivating people.

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2024 04 30



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新商品 国産クラフト果汁シロップ

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