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ZIPPO Japan regular import agency.

"Zippo" has grown into a global oil lighter brand under the policy of lifetime warranty.
We have continued to produce a variety of models and have delivered the flame to Japan for half a century.

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pet food

All encounters with a smile

pet food

Domestically produced, additive-free, non-additiveFocusing on the snack brand "nico cook" that uses raw materials, and COREY's premium food brand "north paw",pet healthWe develop and deliver products that pursue deliciousness.

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general merchandise

All encounters with a smile

Miscellaneous goods business

We plan and manufacture small goods with the desire to deliver "warmth" and "fun" and enrich our daily lives.and deliver nationwide.


Food and beverage

I just want to drink the natural taste.

"Junzo-sen" was born from this straight thought.
“Make it taste as natural as it is. Make food that is good for your body.”
Naturally, the color and taste change depending on the harvest time and place. I want you to enjoy the change as it is natural. We are moved by the charm of ingredients from all over the world, connect the thoughts of the creators, and deliver a delicious taste that is gentle on the body.

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Western liquor

“Sake professionals” from all over the world
a selection of alcoholic beverages
Let me introduce you.

about100We have a selection of Western liquors such as the liqueur "Absinthe", which is said to be a phantom liquor whose production was prohibited for a year and is also known as a forbidden liquor loved by Van Gogh and Lautrec.

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Continuing to search for inspiring wines

We always deliver "impressive and valuable wine" at a reasonable price for various occasions.
In addition, we are working hard every day to develop products that meet the needs of our customers.

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Food and beverage mail order

cherish the connection between people,
Mail order of Marukai's original products.

Mail-order sales of Marukai's original products that value the connection between people.
We are developing catalog sales and online shops that handle “Junzosen Juice”, which has a natural and body-friendly taste, and “lifestyle miscellaneous goods” that support living.

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