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Representative Director Kenji Matsu

Corporate philosophy


Find, create, grow.
because we
There is a story that can be delivered.

We find things that we can fall in love with and needs that customers are not aware of.
We will create things that we want and create a market that has never existed before.
We put our hearts into developing our own products and continue to nurture our precious Marukai fans.
Discover, create, nurture. We have our own stories in playfulness and dedication,
There is a story in each product, and there is a story that the customer who got it has a story.
I want to create a lot of “monogatari” like that.



With a business that is not bound by work,
Become a company that creates the most excitement in Japan.

Not only our customers, but also us can't get excited about things that are everywhere, things that everyone knows.

That's why I want to search for possibilities here and there, 360 degrees, without being caught up in "waku".

360 degrees, I want everyone involved to feel happy.

If it is a company like <Adult Cultural Festival>, which is bustling with special business, prepared by raising hands,

I'm sure both customers and cooperating companies will not be able to leave it alone.

-Action philosophy

Let's try it first!

Make small changes. Squeeze your wits and create a big whirlpool.
Let's do it even if it's crumpled. To make the heart bounce with everything involved.

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